What Exactly Is a Business Operating System?

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Sindri Tomasson

Sindri Tomasson

Jun 11, 2024

Imagine flipping open your laptop in the morning, then getting yourself a cup of coffee, and when you are back, everything is laid out in front of you. You don’t need to log into tens of different software applications with MFA and all that b****hit. Everything is centralized in one software, with all the tasks you need to complete today for a productive day and a visual status on all the departments in your business.

So what is a Business OS?

Think of a Business Operating System (OS) like a cake recipe. The recipe (processes) gives step-by-step instructions, the mixing bowls and oven (tools) help you bake, and baking principles ensure best practices. Together, they ensure a perfect cake, just as a BOS ensures a company runs smoothly and efficiently. Without a recipe, the cake quickly becomes a hot mess. Now imagine a whole bakery filled with bakers that are just baking stuff from their minds, wouldn't look pretty would it?

Without an OS, your business can’t function at a higher level. Like a recipe your business needs an operating system to organize the way the businessfunctions. An OS ensures smooth communication between your leadership team and all your departments and employees.

Businesses that run on a dependable operating system are able to run themselves. Businesses that don’t have an operating system feel like they’re out of control – 10 different trello boards, google docs stored god knows where and constant miscommunication and frustration.

If this is you, and you are struggling to keep your business in control, it’s time to consider implementing an operating system in your company.


Have you ever struggled with thoughts like these?

  • Growing the business is taking too long, and I wish we were more profitable.

  • I'm working too many hours and not seeing enough value from my company.

  • I feel trapped – everything and everyone depends on me, and I fear I’ll never escape this cycle.

  • We just can’t seem to get the company under control.

  • If these statements resonate with you, then you need a business operating system.

If these statements sound familiar, then you need a business operating system.

Have a free chat with us to Here to see where we can help you!


All of our company data is organized into what we call a centralized "Company brain". The company brain has all the information about our business and includes SOP's (Standard operating procedure) on literally all of our operations.

If you or an employee every needs to know anything about the business, everything is layed out in one single place. This is the power of a company brain. When a new client or team member is onboarded, the entire process is streamlined and allows your company to scale 10x faster and easier.

Data and task tracking

One of the largest benefits the Business OS has is its data and tasks tracker. Say goodbye to your shitty project manager that no one uses. We have everything in one place and actually make it easy for you and your staff to use. From our company brain, you can access the "command centre". From this page you can allocate tasks, track progress, and so much more.


Many companies choose to develop their own operating system, or cobble together parts of various systems. Usually the results are mixed, and improvement is somewhat limited.

Other companies find a single time-tested and proven operating system that yields tremendous results they never dreamed were possible. For tons of successful companies, the dojaOS is that solution.

DojaOS helps leadership teams clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision more quickly. It ensures that everyone in the organization is aligned with the company's vision and plan. DojaOS establishes a common set of rules with clear accountability, ensuring you have the right people in the right roles, consistently delivering the work you rely on them to do.


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