Funding Pips: How We Reduced Support Load by 77%

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Sindri Tomasson

Sindri Tomasson

Mar 3, 2024

The Problem

As one of the fastest growing prop firm, Funding Pips has thousands of inquiries every day

  • New customers have to go through an extensive FAQ documentation before making a decision to purchase

  • Support team had to be on multiple different platforms & keep answering basic questions

  • Whenever company wide issues arise for customers, support team is bombarded with thousands of tickets within a few hours

The Solution

Using the fastest growing technology that matches the growth of Funding Pips... AI

  • Customers can get their questions answered instantly using AI

  • Connected Discord tickets, Instagram/Facebook Dm's, & Website Livechats into One Intercom channel

  • AI can be updated immediately for relevant information regarding company wide issues to prevent thousands of tickets being opened

The Results

The Results speaks for themselves

  • An Average of 60% Less Live Agent Use

  • 25% Increase In Customer Satisfaction

  • Average of 10% Increased Sales

In-Depth Case Study Analysis

Funding Pips - How we transformed the fastest growing prop firm with the fastest growing technology

Introduction to Client

The Funding Pips CEO, Khaled Ayesh, expressed interest in AI technology for his company. As a trader myself, I quickly grasped his needs, understanding the challenges faced by customers, particularly in navigating extensive FAQ documentation to find information regarding account rules so that customers could make sure it aligned with their trading style.

The Challenge with Customer Support

Often, customers are too lazy to do thorough research and directly approach support agents with queries. This leads to two significant issues: One, support agents are bombarded with repetitive questions, limiting their time to handle complex inquiries, and two, slow responses risk losing potential customers. My personal experience backs this as there was one time where I had a simple question about news trading & the customer support didn't answer within 10 minutes, and within that 10 minutes I looked at another firm, got my question answered by them instantly, and purchased an account with them. This signifies how crucial swift customer support can be for these companies.

Identifying Unique Challenges

Before embarking on any project, I conduct in-depth research to identify the unique challenges and opportunities presented. This process allows me to tailor my solutions to your specific needs, ensuring that the end result is nothing short of exceptional.

Impact on Support Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

This integration significantly reduced live agent interactions by about 60%, allowing agents to focus more on complex issues. Consequently, customer satisfaction increased by an average of 25%, credited to the instant resolution of basic queries by AI and more dedicated attention to intricate concerns. Furthermore, this approach led to an estimated 10% increase in sales, as the immediate AI responses left customers with less reason to consider competitor firms.

User-Centric Design

The cornerstone of my approach is my unwavering commitment to understanding the needs of my users. I prioritize user-centric design, making certain that my websites provide a seamless, intuitive, and memorable experience from the moment visitors land on my site.

Meeting User Needs

I'm dedicated to addressing the diverse needs of your audience, ensuring that my designs engage, inform, and inspire. By focusing on user needs, I create websites that stand out as highly functional, purposeful, and enjoyable to interact with.

Every project I take on is a testament to my systematic, innovative, and problem-solving approach. My designs reflect my vision for digital excellence and my commitment to delivering results that surpass expectations. Explore my portfolio to witness how I translate my approach into impactful, user-centered web solutions.


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