Meet Our Core Team

Umair Siddiqui

Chief Executive Officer

Sindri Tomasson

Chief Technology Officer

Andy Guan

Chief AI Officer

Rabia Atique

Machine Learning PHD

Dabeer Farooqi

Full Stack Developer

Daniel Gibbs

Doja Partner

It all began on November 30th, 2022

The day ChatGPT was released...

We were shocked at how some sort of software could magically just answer all your questions. We became obsessed with it to the point where we used it for every part of our life from asking it coding questions to asking it to create jokes for our friends to make us seem funny.

We then realized how slow businesses were to implement what seemed like literal magic

This gave birth to our business, Phantom Core AI. We first started off as a custom AI solutions business where we just built simple AI workflows such as chatbots & basic AI customer support.

Then everything changed...

Everything changed when we got the honor to work with a 9 figure company called Funding Pips. It was extremely hard for us to deliver the solutions they wanted at such a mass scale with only 5 people on the team, but the idea of giving up never existed to us & neither till this day. After a few weeks of some of our biggest struggles, we were finally able to deliver to them but...

We weren't the same anymore

The obstacles we overcame made one thing clear to us, that we are more capable than to just build basic AI solutions. We wanted to revolutionize the game of business with AI, so we went into research mode, for weeks we explored different use-cases with AI. We found some good ideas but... they weren't revolutionary.

Enter Doja

We got into contact with an AI research company called Doja and realized they wanted to do exact same thing as us, revolutionize businesses with AI. We formed a partnership with them and developed our flagship product...